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Does this sound like a good bankroll building plan?

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I want to deposit $400 in the next 2 weeks to start a serious bankroll. What I need to know is what would be the best way to build it via bonuses.

So I have accounts on 3 different Merge skins. (Carbon, Lock, and Pokerview)

I have been playing on Carbon lately to earn VIP points for a bonus I am clearing there ($110 left). But I am just not getting much rakeback there at all.

On Lock Poker. I have 35% rakeback and a bonus for $145 left with no expiration date. So I figure thats where I should spend most of my time. On the other hand. I haven't deposited on Pokerview yet and they have a 150% first deposit bonus up to $750.

So I was originally going to deposit the $400 onto Pokerview but I found a new bonus for Carbon for 75% reload up to $375 good through Dec. 15.

So going by that I am thinking I should Deposit $400 on carbon and clear my bonuses there. By simply breaking even I will be sitting at $791.25

Take that $791.25 over to Pokerview for the $1125 bonus there. Break even while clearing that I will be sitting at $1916.25

Lastly I finish it off by clearing the last of that Lock Poker bonus of $145 and am left with $2061.25

I am wondering what the best way to clear these bonuses are though. I don't know what game is going to give me the best value as far as clearing the bonuses while keeping me at least break even in the games I play. I usually play full ring but I think that 6max would allow to clear it a lot faster. But wouldn't my risk of ruin go up too? Would it be safer to grind sngs to clear it? Or Limit holdem? I just have no clue on what game to play in order to clear the bonuses faster. Once I clear them I will start playing some serious NL poker but until then I want to generate as much rake to clear these bonuses while breaking even and minimizing my risk of losing any money. If that makes any sense. I'm just not sure of the best way to go about doing that.

Edit: I am also going to be buying PokerTracker when I start this. I feel that I can maximize my profit this way and I can post some hand histories for reviews and such. I really like the graphs and I want to learn how to use the HUD to its full extent. I think it would be a worthwhile investment and hopefully pay for itself. I try to use the PTR graphs, but I hate not being able to view it as much as I want. without paying monthly for it.

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